Allan Curtis

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The influence of cognitive processes on rural landholder responses to climate change

Global climate change modelling has identified south-east Australia as a 'hot spot' for more frequent climatic extremes. Rural landholders may be vulnerable to the risks climate change presents. Australia's rural landholders are considered highly adaptable, with a history of responding to climatic uncertainty and variability...

Providing social and economic data to support regional natural resource management in the Burnett Mary

This report presents a summary of key findings from a mailed survey to 1,000 landholders in the Burnett Mary region in 2004. The final response rate for this survey was 60%. The survey gathered baseline information regarding the key social and economic factors affecting landholder...
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Understanding and promoting adoption of conservation practices by rural landholders

Research on the adoption of rural innovations is reviewed and interpreted through a cross-disciplinary lens to provide practical guidance for research, extension and policy relating to conservation practices. Adoption of innovations by landholders is presented as a dynamic learning process. Adoption depends on a range...

Providing social data to underpin catchment planning in the Queensland Murray Darling region

his report presents findings from a survey to 1,000 landholders in the Queensland Murray Darling in 2003. This research has highlighted a number of important challenges and strategies for efforts to improve the management of natural resources on private property in the Queensland Murray-Darling region...
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Regional natural resource management: is it sustainable

In an effort to achieve sustainable Natural Resource Management (NRM), the Commonwealth and State governments have moved to a regional focus for their major funding programs. This approach was driven by the belief that previous arrangements had been unable to achieve the required amount of...