Frank B. Tipton

Book review

‘The most feared disease of childhood and adolescence’ and ‘a deafening silence’: polio and post-polio in Australia

Extremely contagious and potentially fatal, polio reaped an annual harvest from the late 19th through the middle of the 20th centuries. Polio has since been almost eradicated by programs of mass vaccination and is now forgotten. Yet the threat of polio persists in two ways...
Book review

Big fish from little ponds: Solvay, Belgium, global markets, and family firms

We are accustomed to the idea that single families control a number of our largest firms. In Australia the Murdochs in media, the Lowys in retail and Gina Rinehart and her estranged children in the resources sector occupy us in the business, social, and occasionally...
Book review

Asian business systems, national cultures, and the problem of gender

Some influential management researchers have worked to understand how firms relate to their surrounding societies. They argue that, despite the obvious pressures of globalisation on both governments and firms, national 'business systems' show little tendency to converge to a standard pattern. Yet gender relations are...
Book review

Disruptive technologies, strategic plans and the art of comparative history

Ben Tipton reviews Katherine C. Epstein’s book Torpedo: Inventing the Military-Industrial Complex in the United States and Great Britain.
Book review

Capitalist good guys: bankers, businessmen and the US political system

America’s major corporations spend money in record amounts to secure influence, but the influence they seek benefits only themselves. Was it ever thus? No, according to a new book by Mark Mizruchi, who argues that between the turn of the 20th century and the 1970s...