Ann Arnold


The battle over Sydney's heart

The eviction of social housing tenants from Sydney's CBD is nearly complete. The NSW government says it will build over a thousand houses elsewhere with the $500 million raised. But the sell-off has come at a social cost, and at the loss of an architecturally...

Sirius building sale: former adviser criticises decision to not heritage list social housing site

The former chair of the NSW Heritage Council has criticised the state government's refusal to heritage list the landmark Sirius apartment building in the historic Rocks area of Sydney. Key points: NSW Government refusing to heritage list Sirius social housing complex, citing financial hardship Documents...

The trouble with quad bikes

A safety star rating system for quad bikes will be recommended to two coroners—one in Queensland, and one in New South Wales—as a means of overcoming a standoff between the quad bike industry and safety proponents. The proposal does not please the industry, however. The...

Doctors as dealers: Australia's opioid habit

In the last few years prescriptions of opioids for chronic pain have skyrocketed, creating a new wave of drug addicts. There's little evidence to support their long term use but doctors are facilitating addictions that can last for years. Ann Arnold investigates Australia's new drug...

Back to prison

More than half the people in prison will re-offend and return, creating a huge cost burden on the public purse. But governments driven by law and order politics are unwilling to invest in reducing recidivism and in NSW a respected service that’s worked with prisoners...