Yong Zhao


Lessons that matter: what should we learn from Asia's school systems?

Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, and Shanghai have some of the world's highest ranked education systems - so why are they undergoing drastic reform? In this report, Mitchell Professorial Fellow Yong Zhao investigates three decades of education changes in East Asia and draws out the lessons...

Lessons that matter: what should we learn from Asian education?

The education systems of Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore and Shanghai routinely top international rankings and their reform efforts in the last three decades are often held up as a model for the west. Dr Yong Zhao, however, argues that Asian education systems have succeeded in...
Journal article

One-to-one computing: what does it bring to schools?

This study investigates students’ use of one-to-one laptops for various activities and the impact of one-to-one computing on student learning and school culture. Based on data collected from surveys and interviews of teachers, students, and parents in a Midwestern middle school over one academic year...