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Bernie Shepherd


Losing the game: state of our schools in 2017

Australia is losing the education game. We will not return to the winner’s list until we address inequity in our schools. Funding lies at the core of that inequity.

Institutionalised inequality

With education ministers meeting this week to discuss school funding, a close look at the figures reveals large differences between states and sectors

Uneven playing field: the state of Australian schools

Examining key data from the My School website, this report shows: Equity in schools is declining; Enrollment growth in more advantaged schools is growing strongly while enrolment growth in more disadvantaged schools is well below the national average; A schools hierarchy is hardening along advantage/disadvantage...

Closing the wrong gaps

Australia’s school funding system keeps shifting resources towards non-government schools, and the argument that this saves public money is looking even shakier

Private school, public cost

This report shows how funding has changed and how familiar claims about the relative cost of schools have become obsolete and misleading. It addresses questions that arise about our schools: what is public, what is private, what should be the difference between them, what obligations...