Isabella Alexander


Explainer: our copyright laws and the Australian Aboriginal flag

Reports that two Aboriginal-owned businesses and the AFL have received cease and desist warnings over their use of the Aboriginal flag on clothing have left many Australians surprised and confused.
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Rights in geospatial information: a shifting legal terrain

This article considers how copyright law applied in the analogue era to regulate the production and dissemination of geographic information, the effects of new technologies and digitisation on how law applies to geospatial data and associated products and systems, and whether either a database right...
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‘Manacles upon science’: re-evaluating copyright in informational works in light of 18th century case law

This article examines some of the earliest copyright cases to deal with works of geographical information, relating them to today’s discussions surrounding the treatment of factual works. Abstract Questions over whether and, if so, how copyright law should protect works of fact and information have...