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Ian Watson


Australian disability workforce report (2nd edition)

This report highlights the increasing use of casual and part-time workers as organisations grapple with NDIS pricing.

Is demography moving against the Coalition?

Should we expect the current pattern of older voter support for the Coalition to continue undisturbed or might we see a movement away from the Coalition as the bulge of ‘baby boomers’ move into the ranks of older Australians and moderate this conservatism? This paper...

The 2007 federal election: exit poll analysis

This report presents a summary of the findings of an exit poll commissioned by APO during the 2007 federal election campaign, and compares those findings with the results from the newly released Australian Election Study and the Auspoll exit poll.

Who's missing out? Access and equity in vocational education and training

They report that those young people most likely to miss out on vocational education and training include those with disabilities, young people still living at home, children from single-parent families and those families with a history of parental unemployment. Gillian Considine, Ian Watson, Richard Hall...