Christine Critchley

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Christine R. Critchley
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Low Carbon Readiness Index: a short measure to predict private low carbon behaviour

Highlights Low Carbon Readiness Index (LCRI) is a three-item measure of low carbon strivings. LCRI predicts reported low carbon behaviours, and reduction in actual energy use. LCRI can be used to develop low carbon policies and monitor their implementation. Abstract

"And they're off" Industry health promotion investigation in Victorian thoroughbred participants

The aim of this research project was to gain evidence about the mental health and well-being of personnel working in the Victorian horse racing industry. These include occupational groups of horse trainers, jockeys, horse owners, stable supervisors, stable hands and others.
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A brief scale for measuring Anti-Intellectualism

This paper describes the development of a brief scale to measure anti-intellectualism, the degree to which one experiences either positive or negative affect while engaged in epistemic activities such as conceptual integration.

Swinburne National Technology and Society Monitor: 2015 monitor

The 2015 Monitor is the twelfth edition of the Swinburne National Technology and Society Monitor. It provides a general account of public perceptions about new technologies in Australia, including trust in institutions that provide information about new technologies.
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Impact of choice of coping strategies and family functioning on psychosocial function of young people with epilepsy

Both medical and psychological factors have an important impact upon the psychosocial functioning of young people with epilepsy. The purpose of this study was to identify factors that distinguish young people with epilepsy and high psychosocial functioning from those with lower levels. The participants were...