Gregg Borschmann


After the mining - what's the clean-up plan?

How should Australia plan for safe and productive post-mining landscapes?
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Independent national electricity commission needed, says energy engineer

Energy and power prices have dominated the political debate this year. It follows the massive storm and statewide blackout in South Australia last September, which led to the federal government appointing chief scientist, Dr Alan Finkel, to review Australia's energy system. The deadline for final...
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Financial Rights Legal Centre faces closure amid government funding cuts

As the Turnbull Government promises $127 million to Australia's corporate regulator ASIC, a community legal service working at the coalface of consumer problems with the insurance sector is facing the prospect of closure. The Financial Rights Legal Centre says its national insurance law service is...

Rivers of red threaten the future of the reef

It's going to take the reinvention of 10,000 farms to improve water quality and repair the Great Barrier Reef, and there's new evidence that sediment from farms producing Australia's favourite fruit—bananas—is a growing part of the problem. The bold plan to fix the reef will...

Climate review promised after dispute with top water scientists

A major review of the risks of climate change in the Murray Darling Basin is likely within the next seven years. The proposed timeline has been revealed to ABC RN after a dispute between the Murray Darling Basin Authority and some of Australia's leading water...