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Emile Nakhleh


The US, Iran and the Middle East amid shifting alliances

This paper argues that contrary to the belief that President Trump and some of his advisers hold, a war with Iran will not be quick and surgical, or end in a matter of days. Nor will Iran absorb any attack without conducting devastating counterstrikes against...

US Middle East policy in tatters before the Bahrain Workshop

This paper argues that the Trump Administration’s Middle East policy has been significantly weakened by the inability of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to form a government, and the Arab, Muslim and Gulf Co-operation Council insistence on a 'two-state' solution.

Washington hawks clamouring to attack Iran

This paper argues that like the Bush Administration with Iraq, the Trump Administration appears to have given little or no strategic thought to the future of Iran beyond any possible removal of the clerical regime.

The Islamic Revolution’s impact on political Islam and the Middle East

This paper argues that the fear of a foreign invasion has driven post-Revolutionary Iran to pursue active contacts with terrorist organisations, but Tehran has also worked closely with Washington against al-Qaeda and in post-invasion Iraq.

A political earthquake hits Saudi Arabia?

The recent unexpected succession architecture decreed by King Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud transfers the leadership of the country from the children of the country’s founder to a new generation of grandchildren, in particular Muhammad bin Salman and Muhammad bin Nayef.