Kate Mackenzie

Kate Mackenzie is a CPD Fellow and Director of Finance, Policy and Decision Metrics at Climate-KIC Australia (a Knowledge Innovation Community). She was previously Investment and Governance Manager at The Climate Institute. Her earlier career was as a financial journalist, with ten years at the Financial Times in London and Sydney.
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Climate horizons: scenarios and strategies for managing climate risk

This report looks at how Australian companies, investors and policymakers can manage climate risks and support a transition to a zero carbon economy. The report shows more Australian companies are considering what climate change and the Paris Agreement mean for their strategies and investments.
Discussion paper

Climate horizons: next steps for scenario analysis in Australia

This discussion paper is about the use of scenario analysis by companies and other financial actors to manage, disclose, and regulate climate-related risks and opportunities in Australia. It suggests how Australian practice can be consistent with our international climate commitments under the Paris Agreement and...
Discussion paper

Australia's financial system and climate risk

Numerous authorities, including governments, regulators, central banks and supra-national bodies have decided that this is a question deserving formal investigation. In Australia, there has been no official examination of how climate change might affect our financial system. Yet an 0.9°C observed increase in Australian average...