Anna Powles

Alternate Name:
Anna R. Powles

Smooth sailing? How Australia, New Zealand and the United States partner in—and with—the Pacific islands

The authors of this report argue that Australia, New Zealand and the United States should help create an ASEAN-style forum for Pacific Island nations to discuss security and manage geopolitical challenges.

Mapping security cooperation in the Pacific Islands

The purpose of this report is to identify and map the various cooperative security agreements, arrangements and institutions between and among states and territories in the Pacific Islands region, and their partners.
Discussion paper

Australia and New Zealand in the Pacific Islands: ambiguous allies?

This discussion paper examines the relationship between Australia and New Zealand and what this means for cooperation in the Pacific Islands region.

Principled engagement: rebuilding defence ties with Fiji

In this Lowy Institute Analysis, Anna Powles and Jose Sousa-Santos argue that Russia’s sale of arms to Fiji underlines how the security orthodoxy in the Pacific Islands region is changing. Unless Australia and New Zealand adapt to these changing strategic circumstances they will lose influence...