Paul Umina

Journal article

From Boring Bug Lectures to Interactive Invertebrate Learning - Using Audience Participation Software to 'Actively' Transform Grains Industry Training

Insect identification workshops undertaken by the extension team under the Grains Research and Development Corporation's National Invertebrate Pest Initiative aim to raise the awareness, profile and importance of correct invertebrate identification in order to up-skill grains industry personnel to adopt more sustainable pest-management practices. To...
Technical report

Blue oat mite

Blue oat mites (BOM) (Penthaleus spp.) are species of earth mites which are major agricultural pests of southern Australia and other parts of the world, attacking various pasture, vegetable and crop plants. BOM were introduced from Europe and first recorded in New South Wales in...
Technical report

Redlegged earth mite

The redlegged earth mite (RLEM) - (Halotydeus destructor) is a major pest of pastures, crops and vegetables in regions of Australia with cool wet winters and hot dry summers. The RLEM was accidentally introduced into Australia from the Cape region of South Africa in the...