Peter Clarke

Peter Clarke is a Melbourne-based broadcaster, writer and educator who teaches at RMIT and Swinburne universities. He pioneered national talkback on Australian radio as the inaugural presenter of Offspring (now Life Matters) on ABC Radio National. 
Audio podcast

Time to rethink the Great Australian Dream

Homelessness is entrenched and many Australians face overwhelming housing costs, yet housing policy has slipped off the political agenda. In this discussion with Peter Clarke, housing specialists Wendy Stone and Peter Mares trace the rise and fall of housing policy in Australia, and how the...

Independent in Indi: what happens now? (And why the Electoral Commission is suddenly under attack)

Cathy McGowan might have won Indi, but what happens next? Peter Clarke talks to political scientist Brian Costar about how independent MPs fare in rural Australia and why the voters of Indi are likely to return Ms McGowan at the next federal election. And this...

The facts are the story

LAST week, the ABC’s Fact Check unit joined two similar projects – Politifact, the Australian branch of the longstanding US organisation, and the Conversation’s Election FactCheck – in the election campaign fray. Late to the party, the ABC’s unit also faces pressures that its two...

Making the news

WITH a federal election looming, the ABC will be under intensified pressure to deliver what its critics see as impartial and balanced coverage of parties and politics. In the hot seat is the corporation’s director of news, Kate Torney. Peter Clarke talked to Kate not...

Paywalls: the good news and the gamble

The Australian's online paywall is up and running. The New York Times has announced strong subscriber figures. Peter Clarke discusses the prospects for paid content with Gordon Crovitz, Sophie Black and Jason Wilson