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Bruce McGregor

Technical report

Preparing meat goats for sale

Commercial marketing of meat goats involves identifying the market, correct husbandry and nutritional management, proper assessment of goats suitable for marketing and the correct preparation of goats prior to dispatch to the market. This article discusses the correct preparation of meat goats prior to dispatch...
Technical report

Meat and offal yields of goats

Meat consumers today prefer lean meat. Butchers need consistent products that always meet specification. Goats can produce lean mean but it is a common myth that goats are always lean. This myth is based on observations made on dairy type goats and on poorly fed...
Technical report

Further technical information on goat production

This Agriculture Note provides details of general and technical references in Australian goat production. The Department provides some technical Agriculture Notes on goat production. There are also other general publications on goat production, some of which are listed below. For many inquiries, including both students...
Technical report

Reproduction management of fibre and meat goats

This Agriculture Note provides practical information about managing breeding goats on commercial farms. It discusses management practices that affect reproductive performance, fertility and mating during autumn. Where possible, examples of reproductive performance from goats farmed in Victoria are provided. Other Agriculture Notes discuss the grazing...
Technical report

Softness attributes of Australian cashmere

Cashmere is a luxury fibre regarded as being softer and more comfortable than other apparel fibres. Cashmere is rare. Total cashmere production represents less than 0.01% of the textile market. Processed cashmere is expensive. Specialised skills and equipment are required for processing cashmere. For such...