Amrita Malhi

Dr Amrita Malhi is a Visiting Fellow in the Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs at The Australian National University. Amrita is a Historian of Southeast Asia, with a primary interest in Islam, shifting identities and identity conflict in colonial Malaya and contemporary Malaysia.

Interculturalism: how diverse societies can do better than passive tolerance

In Australia, most common strategies for countering “us and them” sentiments consist of public statements defending “multiculturalism” and immigration. But these strategies reinforce the conflation of multicultural policy and cultural diversity. This leaves little room to challenge the assumptions of multiculturalism without being seen as...

Australian intercultural standards and index

Preamble As society becomes increasingly diverse and complex, communities around the globe are exploring new ways to promote cultural and social cohesion. Australian multiculturalism has a successful record, yet as global migration continues to generate increased cultural diversity, new tensions that have the potential to...

Malaysia’s flashpoint

A "redshirts" movement in Malaysia has emerged from the politically charged interaction between three key organising principles in Malaysian public life: race, religion and a sixty-year-old government in crisis. They reflect a confluence of forces unleashed by the critically important election result in 2013, and...
Journal article

Like a child with two parents: race, religion and royalty on the Siam-Malaya Frontier, 1895-1902

Abstract: Since 1957, Malaysian public life has been organized around a historic conflation of three important political themes: “race, religion and royalty”, or “3R”, all of which are purportedly championed and defended by the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO). This article explores how this conflation...

Malaysia's 1MDB fund investigated by the FBI

As the FBI launches its investigation into the Malaysian 1MDB investment fund, Dr Amrita Malhi, a Malaysia expert from the University of South Australia, discusses why the fund was created, where it went wrong, and what the latest investigation might reveal. Duration: 5min 41sec