Ann Brower

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Research performance and age explain less than half of the gender pay gap in New Zealand universities

This research uses a globally unique dataset that scores every individual academic’s holistic research performance in New Zealand to test several common explanations for the gender pay gap in universities.
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South Island high country land reform 1992-2015

Introduction As young as New Zealand is, conflicts about land and its uses have been fought about multiple values, only a few of which are tangible and locatable on a map. Land conflicts have arisen over sovereignty, cultural identity, and control of a resource located...
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Changes in urban and environmental governance in Canterbury from 2010 to 2015: comparing Environment Canterbury and Christchurch City Council

This article compares the proximate but not parallel trajectories of Canterbury Regional Council’s (ECan) and the Christchurch City Council’s changing authority to manage the urban and natural environment from 2010 to 2015. We ask why the trajectories are so far from parallel, and speculate as...