Cathryn Hamilton

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Cathryn M. Hamilton

Warm, cool and energy-affordable housing policy solutions for low-income renters

Energy hardship can include both absolute and relative measures of financial hardship, as well as circumstances where residents limit their energy use for normal daily activities. This research examines the incidence of energy hardship for Australian low income renters, and considered strategies and policy actions...

Guide to low carbon households

This guide aims to help the occupants of a home reduce the amount of energy they use and, in doing so, help curb carbon emissions and save on utility bills.
Conference paper

Exploring infrastructure provision issues in greenfield and urban infill residential developments

This paper explores the extent of infrastructure provision issues and tries to identify the actual costs of provision in different situations.
Conference paper

Decarbonising the local economy: planning for renewable energy in urban areas

Mechanisms for transitioning towards a low carbon economy include technological shifts, policy development and programs that require changes in behaviour. Arguably, local councils are well positioned to drive some or all of these.