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Katherine Gibson


Cooling common spaces in densifying urban environments

This research takes up the challenge of promoting a new approach to thinking about urban liveability in warming cities, with two principles at its core. First, asking how open space can be planned for ‘coolth’ defined as the experience of feeling manageably comfortable in a...

Cooling the commons

This pilot study reviewed factors that combine to produce urban heating in Sydney’s rapidly developing urban fringe and key socio-environmental issues such as the health effects of periods of extreme heat and the loss of shading and cooling effects as the tree canopy is further...
Conference paper

Representing marginalisation: finding new avenues for economic and social intervention

Drawing on research into the diversity of economic practices that exist within our so-called capitalist economy and this paper highlights how those in marginalised areas can be portrayed as economically active citizens, contributing in diverse ways to economic activities that produce direct social benefit.