Marcus Spiller

Working paper

Government sponsored urban development projects: what can Australia take from the US experience?

Australian State and Territory Governments regularly deploy wholly owned development corporations to advance urban planning objectives to do with competition in greenfield housing production, innovation in urban design and regeneration of obsolete industrial areas. This paper critically examines the rationale for these corporations, and compares...

Urban design through the prism of economics

This essay discusses how developers can make a more than satisfactory return from lifting their investment in urban design.
Conference paper

Models of innovation and implications for Australian regional development

This paper presents a new typology of innovation with reference to two parameters; firstly, the degree to which innovation is incubated in a complex network of business relationships versus key bilateral relationships; and, secondly, the degree to which innovation is undertaken as a strategic leap...

Sustaining regions (Winter 2003)

This issue examines the role of local government in regional development.