Conference paper

From design vision to economic feasibility: using a data-driven approach

Trends suggest that 60% of all new dwellings will be built in established Sydney's middle suburbs characterised by houses reaching the end of their lifecycle. This paper presents and evaluates a case study illustrating the tension between design envisioning and its economic feasibility in market-driven...

Bicycling Dashboards (Capital Cities)

This visualisation provides interactive and synchronised maps and graphs, which allow online data analytics characterising bicycle trips in all Greater Capital Cities in Australia.
Journal article

Validating crowdsourced bicycling mobility data for supporting city planning

Crowdsourced data hold great potential in creating metrics which can support city planning.
Literature review

Wayfinding at night: literature review

This study is a comprehensive review of comparable national and international wayfinding practices, including reviews of fifty-four practices and plans and twenty-four comparable cases to City of Sydney.
Conference paper

Big bicycle data processing: from personal data to urban applications

Understanding the flows of people moving through the built environment is a vital source of information for the planners and policy makers who shape our cities. Smart phone applications enable people to trace themselves through the city and these data can potentially be then aggregated...