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Sun Sheng Han

Conference paper

Airbnb in Melbourne: how does the existing urban spatial structure shape the location of short-term accommodation sharing economy activity?

Airbnb is a short-term accommodation in the sharing economy platform that has become increasingly prevalent since its inception in 2008. Despite the growth of Airbnb, limited research has been focussed on understanding how this facet of the sharing economy interacts with the existing urban spatial...
Conference paper

Carbon Footprint of an Australian Coastal Town: An Assessment of Three Planning Scenarios at Neighbourhood Level

The highly populated coastal cities and towns in Australia are also most vulnerable places to climate change induced by increased greenhouse gas (GHG) emission through anthropogenic activities. It is estimated that urban areas account for 60-80% of the global energy use and emit more than...
Conference paper

Urban consolidation in Melbourne: a case study of the Monash employment cluster

This paper aims to discover why urban consolidation in Melbourne has been implemented with difficulties and thus progressed at a slow pace, by analysing the key stakeholders’ perception of the planning and development processes and their responses to the perceived issues.
Conference paper

Growth of the creative economy in small regional cities: a case study of Bendigo

The research paper examines the factors effecting the attraction and retention of creative people and creative businesses in Bendigo, based on analysis of data collected from ABS statistics, government reports, and key informant interviews.
Conference paper

Assessing household energy consumption in Adelaide and Melbourne

This paper builds on existing literature on household energy consumption and test effects of a range of factors associated with household energy use. It aims to bring out how household energy consumption varies between and Adelaide and Melbourne and identify determinants of household energy consumption.