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Viveka Turnbull Hocking

Conference paper

Untaming aesthetics: cross-species design considerations for the built environment

A preoccupation with the aesthetic ideal of beauty has marked an anthropocentric notion of civilisation and a human centred approach to the way we design our urban environments. By untaming aesthetics this study explores a broader definition of aesthetics beyond the human to connect species...
Conference paper

Home habitat habitus: Design for cross-species cohabitation

This paper will explore the potential of design for cross-species cohabitation, how this potential could be developed and why it is of significant value to our urban environments and wellbeing.
Conference paper

The wicked muse: Partnering creative practice, local communities and sustainability

Through this paper I propose that the ‘Muse’ is an important part of this ‘wicked’ conversation and can infuse the process with culturally rich meaning that enables communities to construct more sustainable cultures of living. Creative practices – from art, design, craft, writing, music and...
Conference paper

Designing sustainable urban futures: Presenting a design-led methodology for sustainability research

To ‘flourish’ in a rapidly urbanising world with limited resources we need to imagine different ways of living: increasing density, using passive energy, turning objects into services, and perhaps most importantly imagining new systems of living our everyday urban lives. There is so much we...