Stephen Dobson

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Slowmation: an innovative twenty-first century teaching and learning tool for science and mathematics pre-service teachers

Slowmation is a twenty-first century digital literacy educational tool. This teaching and learning tool has been incorporated as an assessment strategy in the curriculum area of science and mathematics with pre-service teachers (PSTs). This paper explores two themes: developing twenty-first century digital literacy skills and...

The purpose of assessment

When we assess work are we measuring what we value or are we only valuing what we can measure? In this lecture to Australian and Korean student teachers, Professor Stephen Dobson explores what makes a good teacher today and suggests that the best reason to...
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Current trends and future tendencies: developing sustainable assessment cultures

Schools and their development as sustainable assessment cultures requires insight into the interests and role of different stakeholders: school policy makers, teachers and their teaching teams, principals, parents, pupils and the local community. Researchers are not immediately included in this list, but as external advisers...
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The pedagogue as translator in the classroom

Translation theory has faced criticism from professional translators for adopting an ivory tower stance to the ‘real world’ challenges of translation. This article argues that a case can be made for considering the challenges of translation as it takes place in the school classroom. In...
Discussion paper

Convergence in developing countries: evidence from panel unit root tests

Dynamic panel unit root tests are used to investigate the convergence hypothesis for a sample of developing countries. The data are real per capita GDP for the period 1960-95, covering 80 countries grouped into three broadly defined regions. The traditional cross-section unconditional convergence model produces...