Carole Zufferey


Supporting families effectively through the homelessness services system

This study investigated the homelessness services system and families to identify what is working well, what could be expanded to improve housing and wellbeing outcomes, and the potential for beneficial system redesign.

Redesign of a homelessness service system for young people

This research identifies measures that could reduce youth homelessness and lead to improved outcomes for young people who experience homelessness. The findings are based on a community-level analysis of special homelessness services (SHS) data and sites of innovation in three states: South Australia, NSW and...

An effective homelessness services system for older Australians

This study investigated the issues affecting older Australians who are facing homelessness, including the capacity to access Specialist Homeless Services and other government supports, and potential ways to escape homelessness for older people. The research also considers appropriate, successful international practices for older people who...

Preventing sexual violence against young women from African backgrounds

This exploratory study investigated the understanding and experiences of sexual coercion and violence by young women from African refugee and migrant backgrounds.
Journal article

‘I don't just want to do it for myself’: diverse pespectives on being successful at university by social work students who speak English as an additional language

This article gives attention to furthering understandings about what being successful at university means to social work students, focusing on the perspectives of students who speak English as an additional language (EAL). It departs from approaches in the literature that focus on problematic aspects of...