Roger Burritt

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Industry 4.0 and environmental accounting: a new revolution?

This paper provides first research into the potential of current and expected large investments throughout the world in Industry 4.0 to provide a foundation for improvements in corporate sustainability through greater take up of environmental accounting.
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The potential for environmental management accounting development in China

Through the institutional lens of EMA development, it was found that coercive and cognitive institutions have helped build the potential for EMA development. Coercive institutions encouraging corporate EMA development are manifested through increasing regulatory pressure for environmental management and reporting and increasing pressure for compliance...
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Material flow cost accounting: a review and agenda for future research

Recent times have seen the business world challenged to improve efficiency by reducing its material and energy usage. Material flow cost accounting has been suggested as a management tool that can assist and a new international environmental management accounting standard, ISO 14051, has emerged for...
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Measuring and managing sustainability performance of supply chains: review and sustainability supply chain management framework

Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to discuss what a fully sustainable supply chain might look like and the consequences that can be drawn from this view. Also, it develops a practical approach towards sustainability supply chain performance measurement and management. The paper...
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Australian accounting academics: challenges and possibilities

Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to provide a thought-provoking, attention-directing diegesis about the quality of the experience for those working as academic accounting scholars. Design/methodology/approach – Using storytelling by the authors as narrators and a literature review, this paper examines challenges to...