Julie Sonnemann


Tackling under-achievement: why Australia should embed high-quality small-group tuition in schools

The authors of this report argue that high-quality, small-group tuition should be embedded in all Australian schools, as part of a national drive to close the learning gap between struggling and high-achieving students.

Making time for great teaching: how better government policy can help

Great teaching transforms students’ lives. But preparing for great teaching takes time. This report recommends that governments adopt three directions for reform.

The Recovery Book: what Australian governments should do now

This publication is a policy and strategy blueprint for federal, state and territory governments, including for hospitals and health care, schools and universities, roads and trains, budgets and energy.

COVID catch-up: helping disadvantaged students close the equity gap

Australia should launch a $1 billion, six-month tutoring blitz to help one million disadvantaged school students recover learning lost during the COVID-19 lockdowns, according to this Grattan Institute report.

Top teachers: sharing expertise to improve teaching

A new career path for expert teachers could transform Australian schools and boost student learning by 18 months by the time they turn 15.