Alison Wrench

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Redesigning pedagogy for boys and dance in physical education

Central to this paper are pedagogies for social justice and improved engagement of boys in dance within a school located in an area of high socio-economic disadvantage.

Diversity and inclusion

Curriculum and pedagogical practices for improved educational outcomes, justice and inclusion in physical education are central to this chapter.
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‘Some people might say I'm thriving but … ’: non-traditional students' experiences of university

The expansion of neo-liberal policies' framing higher education has contributed to an increase in participation rates of students from non-traditional backgrounds. While an increase of a wider range of students might be seen as contributing to a more just and equitable higher education system, research...
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Managing health and well-being: Student experiences in transitioning to higher education

It is commonly recognised that health and well-being are influenced by social conditions, such as the transition to higher education. This study explored student perceptions and experiences of factors that impacted on health and well-being during the first year of university studies. Data for this...