Michael Mackenzie

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Housing costs placing pressure on Australia's most vulnerable

Those in the private rental market are spending more than ever on keeping a roof over their heads in many parts of Australia.
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Why we herd and how it can harm us

University of South Australia behavioural economist, Michelle Baddeley, explains why we herd when making consumer decisions, and what we can miss out on when we do.
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Australia's growing peer-to-peer economy

Millions of people around the world are using peer-to-peer platforms for everything from booking a holiday, using a ridesharing business, or even finding a tradesperson. Uber and Airbnb are two of the biggest names in Australia’s growing peer-to-peer economy. But governments here and abroad are...

What's the social cost of high house prices?

It's no secret that house prices in Australia are growing at an explosive rate, but what are the social costs of high house prices? Housing is now seen as a key wealth generator and a driver of the economy. Has it always been seen that...