Clean jobs plan

Australia currently faces two major crises: COVID-19 and climate change. This plan identifies 12 policy options which can create jobs fast, where they are needed and for people who need them most.

Australian business investment in innovation: levels, trends, and drivers

This report provides a quantitative baseline for Australian business investment in innovation based on available data. It analyses trends, drivers and opportunities by sector and firm size. It also asks strategic questions of policymakers to accelerate investment.

The new work reality

Following the journeys of 14,000 young people over a decade, this report reveals the factors that accelerate the transition to full-time work, including the skills, mindset and confidence young people need to navigate our changed world of work.

The new work mindset

People often think of careers as a climb up the ranks of job seniority, starting in the trainee cubicle and aiming for the executive offices. Today careers are often not so linear. While virtually every child is asked, ‘What do you want to be when...

The new basics: big data reveals the skills young people need for the New Work Order

The Foundation for Young Australians has produced a series of reports to understand the economic and social conditions affecting young people today and into the future – and to chart a course for how we best prepare young people to drive economic and social progress...