Kate Grealy

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Forensic science and human rights in Afghanistan

For this episode of Sub Rosa, Kate Grealy interviewed Zabi Mazoori, who coordinates the Afghanistan project for Physicians for Human Rights’ International Forensic Program. In 2001, he fled persecution by the Taliban and sought asylum in Australia. He returned to Afghanistan to pursue human rights...
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Conflict and Muslim-Christian relations in Papua

For this episode, Kate spoke with Umar Werfete. Umar is a lecturer and a head of research at the State Islamic University of Jayapura in Papua, Indonesia. He also researches religious issues in Papua in his position within the Division for Research and Development, Indonesian...
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Gender politics in Indonesian media

This interview discusses the portrayal of women in Indonesian media and advertising, and how social stereotypes of gender roles affect the way women see themselves and interact with society. Overview For this episode of Sub Rosa, Kate interviewed Firly Annisa, an activist and lecturer in...
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Refugees and asylum seekers in Indonesia

In this podcast episode Kate interviews Trish Cameron, Legal Aid Coordinator at Suaka, an Indonesia-based network that works for refugee rights protection in the country. While global focus has been on the refugee crisis in Europe, it is important to remember that Indonesia and Asia...