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Growing demand for skilled workers to support family violence victims

A new coalition of domestic violence experts in Victoria says there's a growing demand for skilled workers to support victims. The Victorian government has just given the family violence support sector an $87 million boost. Family violence organisations say it's welcome money, but they don't...
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Review of contentious child protection reform due to start in Victoria soon

Victoria's Commissioner for Children and Young People is preparing to review a contentious new child protection law. Most Victorian parents who've had their children removed now have a strict time limit of 12 months to prove they're capable of resuming the care of their children.

The extra mile: why Aboriginal leaders want Victoria's child protection system reformed

The number of Aboriginal children in Victoria's child protection system has gone up by 70% in just three years. Now Aboriginal leaders in Victoria are saying enough is enough, and are calling for a new approach to stop so many children being removed. Victoria's Commissioner...