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Are we too obsessed with sending country students to university?

An expert conducting a review of regional education for the federal government thinks Australia has become too obsessed with sending country students to university.

WA Premier announces Western Power privatisation plan

The West Australian Treasurer, Mike Nahan, will head to Friday's treasurers' meeting with a newly minted plan to privatise the operator of WA's power network. The plan would see 51% of Western Power sold off in a float on the Australian Stock Exchange. It'll be...

ACCC approves Seven West Media bid for The Sunday Times

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has announced it will not stand in the way of Kerry Stokes' Seven West Media buying The Sunday Times and its website, Perthnow. The decision means that Perth is set to become the nation's next capital city with just...
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McAllister wants Labor to make parental leave superannuation party policy

The Prime Minister's plan to tighten superannuation rules for wealthy Australians is continuing to cause him internal grief. Before he puts it to Parliament, New South Wales Labor Senator Jenny McAllister wants him to show how it will address the gap between men's and women's...