Charmaine Thredgold


An effective homelessness services system for older Australians

This study investigated the issues affecting older Australians who are facing homelessness, including the capacity to access Specialist Homeless Services and other government supports, and potential ways to escape homelessness for older people. The research also considers appropriate, successful international practices for older people who...
Journal article

Establishing a social and economic baseline prior to the development of an offshore oil industry: an example from the Great Australian Bight

The potential development of an oil industry in the Great Australian Bight provides a number of opportunities and challenges. Potentially, the development may affect local communities, regional economies and the environment. Developing a baseline, before any development takes place, enables changes due to the development...

Expert panel on planning reform 'ideas for reform': Independent commentary on proposed reform ideas

The Centre for Housing, Urban and Regional Planning (CHURP) has been engaged by the Local Government Association of South Australia (LGASA) to provide Independent Commentary on the reform proposals put forward by the Expert Panel on Planning Reform. The Expert Panel on Planning Reform’s Ideas...

Interim community profile and literature review: Project 6.1 Social profile of the Eyre Peninsula and west coast region - literature review and community analysis

This report provides a first analysis of these issues and will be complemented by the discussion of qualitative and quantitative primary data in subsequent reports. This report finds that: • The Eyre Peninsula is the country of a number of Indigenous nations and a number...

Showcasing innovation: case studies of recent homelessness initiatives

This document sets out to highlight some of the innovative practices being developed across Australia in response to homelessness. The paper draws upon some of the new ways of thinking encountered by researchers at the Centre for Housing, Urban and Regional Planning in their work...