Sarah K. Howard

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Student rules: exploring patterns of students’ computer-efficacy and engagement with digital technologies in learning

Teachers’ beliefs about students’ engagement in and knowledge of digital technologies will affect technologically integrated learning designs. Over the past few decades, teachers have tended to feel that students were confident and engaged users of digital technologies, but there is a growing body of research...
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Risk-aversion: understanding teachers' resistance to technology integration

Teachers who do not integrate technology are often labelled as 'resistant' to change. Yet, considerable uncertainties remain about appropriate uses and actual value of technology in teaching and learning, which can make integration and change seem risky. The purpose of this article is to explore...
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Systems of integration: using system dynamics to understand technology integration in learning and teaching

This paper presents the use of system dynamics to analyze factors impacting on teachers adoption and integration of technology in learning and teaching. Educational change is a complex and dynamic process, particularly in the area of technology integration. Existing models of teacher integration have not...
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Theorising knowledge practices: a missing piece of the educational technology puzzle

Educational technology research has been characterised as lacking theoretical frameworks that can enable cumulative knowledge-building across the field. This article explores the value of Legitimation Code Theory (LCT) for addressing these issues by discussing research into the key question of integration of information and communication...
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What makes technology “risky”? An exploration of teachers’ perceived risk in the context of technology integration

This paper presents an exploration of teachers’ perceptions of risks related to technology integration in teaching. As teachers implement new teaching practices they take risks. Developing an understanding of teachers’ perceived risks related to technology integration could help make technology‐related change initiatives more effective. Data...