Alistair McCulloch

Journal article

Widening participation to doctoral education and research degrees: a research agenda for an emerging policy issue

This article identifies an emerging widening participation focus on doctoral education.
Journal article

The quest for the PhD: a better metaphor for doctoral education

This article is the first to apply 'the quest' as a metaphor for the student's doctoral experience and offers a new way of interrogating that experience which will be of use to those involved in supporting research students.
Conference paper

Communicating research: audiences, academics and research students

Communicating research through writing is of crucial importance in contemporary research education, although the complex nature of the activity and the fact of multiple audiences are not typically elaborated in discourse about generic skills training. The primary audience for doctoral students and their supervisors is...
Journal article

Does research degree supervisor training work? The impact of a professional development induction workshop on supervision practice

Supervisor induction and continued professional development programmes constitute good practice and are enshrined in institutional policies and national codes of practice. However, there is little evidence about whether they have an impact on either supervisors’ learning or day-to-day practice.
Journal article

Excellence in doctoral supervision: an examination of authoritative sources across four countries in search of performance higher than competence

Supervision is generally recognised as playing a crucial role in the quality of a research student’s doctoral experience and their academic outcomes and, in common with most areas of higher education, there is an oft-stated desire to pursue excellence in this important area. Excellence in...