Hamish Macdonald

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Call for 'Religious Discrimination Act' fuels religious freedoms debate

Another round of 'culture wars' could be about to begin — with religious freedom the new flashpoint.
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World follows Australia's tough immigration policies

Tough border policies are now becoming the norm around the world — with leaders often admiring Australia's 'turn back the boats' immigration policy.

Global check in: Jacinda Ardern and New Zealand

It's been two months since Jacinda Ardern was sworn in as Prime Minister of New Zealand. So, how is she faring, after her first one hundred days in office?

Will the 5G network supersede the NBN?

Will speeds provided by the new 5G network make home internet connections redundant?

Can digital disruption be used to help refugees?

A 'hackathon' in Adelaide this weekend will look for digital solutions to help refugees settle in Australia.
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