Jeffrey Wilson

Policy report

Responding to trade coercion: a growing threat to the global trading system

As geopolitical tensions have increased in recent years, international trading relationships have become more politicised. Developed by an international group of eminent trade policy leaders, this paper outlines ten policy options – at the national, like-minded coalition and WTO levels – which can help governments...
Policy report

A Quad partnership to secure battery value chains

This paper argues that the new role for renewable energy systems will demand a rapid transformation in the global battery industry. Battery demand is expected to increase dramatically in coming years, as a greater share of renewables in the energy mix requires significant build-out of...

State of the United States: an evolving alliance agenda

With the Biden Administration in Washington committed to both the Indo-Pacific and the value of alliances — and 2021 marking the 70th anniversary of the ANZUS Treaty — this publication advances an agenda for the U.S/Australia alliance at this critical time.

Adapting Australia to an era of geoeconomic competition

Geoeconomics poses an historic challenge for Australian diplomacy. For three decades, Australia has benefited immensely from a cooperative, rules-based and liberalising economic order in the IndoPacific. While liberal settings have served Australia well during the era of cooperative economic relations, this paper argues that they...

Australia, Japan and India: a trilateral coalition in the Indo-Pacific?

In recent years, Australia, Japan and India have been active proponents of the Indo-Pacific regional concept. This report discusses how their shared outlooks, differences in national interests – particularly in the economic and security spheres – place limits on how far trilateral cooperation can advance.