Jeffrey Wilson

Jeffrey Wilson is a Fellow of the Asia Research Centre and Senior Lecturer in International Political Economy. His research interests include international political economy, economic regionalism in the Asia-Pacific, and international resource politics.

Connecting the Asia-Pacific: Australian participation in China’s regional infrastructure initiatives

In 2013, China launched two new projects – the Belt and Road Initiative and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank – to lead regional efforts to plug infrastructure gaps. These projects pose a dilemma for Australian policymakers - how to actively participate in these important efforts...
Briefing paper

Critical materials for the 21st Centrury Indo-Pacific

This report examines how governments and businesses in the Indo-Pacific can respond to the critical materials challenge. It analyses the economic, social, environmental and geopolitical challenges facing critical materials, and identifies strategies for developing 21st Century value-chains that more effectively meet the needs of both...

ASEAN and Western Australia’s economic future: Report from the Western Australia-ASEAN Trade and Investment Dialogue 2018

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) will increasingly trade, invest and build regional value chains between themselves, and the involvement of other economic powers in Southeast Asia will only increase. For WA to be meaningfully engaged, relationships of genuine partnership need to be developed...

Maturing the Korea-Australia investment relationship

This report argues that maturing the Korea-Australia investment relationship is key for its next stage of growth. Building on recent successes in the resource sector, bilateral investment now needs to move into a range of new industries, including infrastructure, finance, services and agriculture.

Blueprints for the Indo-Pacific: infrastructure and connectivity programs for regional integration

Cross-border infrastructure is critical for the development of the Indo-Pacific region. Yet, this paper argues, while intergovernmental economic agreements are in place to assist, the process is hampered by the lack of physical infrastructure needed to connect economies.
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