Nola M. Ries

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Government-funded health research contracts in Australia: a critical assessment of transparency

This article reports on a first-in-kind study of research contracts between Commonwealth and New South Wales Government entities and external providers.
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Elder abuse: the role of general practitioners in community-based screening and multidisciplinary action

This article summarises several brief screening tools for various forms of elder abuse.
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Including people with dementia in research: an analysis of Australian ethical and legal rules and recommendations for reform

This analysis includes recommendations for reform to improve clarity and consistency in the law and reduce barriers that may exclude persons with dementia from participating in ethically approved research.

Robot revolution: why technology for older people must be designed with care and respect

Many countries around the world have ageing populations and a growing prevalence of dementia. Japan, in particular, is a “super-ageing” society, with a population getting older faster than anywhere else in the world due to long life expectancy and low birth rates. In 2015, an...
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Prescribe with caution: the response of Canada's medical regulatory authorities to the therapeutic use of cannabis

Canada was one of the first countries worldwide to legalize the use of cannabis for therapeutic purposes. The federally regulated cannabis access program has not had the support of medical regulatory authorities. Recent changes to federal rules are controversial in imposing responsibility on physicians to...