Collette Snowden


What Twitter can learn from that time Coca Cola changed its formula

Collette Snowden takes a look at why Twitter is taking such a big risk, playing with the characteristic that defines and differentiates the service?

Digging for dirt in the digital age: the trouble with journalism and doxing

'Doxing' has a complicated history, but the type of identity-seeking that occurred in the wake of Charlottesville was once mostly the work of the media. Collette Snowden explains.

I’m right, you’re wrong, and here’s a link to prove it: how social media shapes public debate

Once upon a time different political perspectives were provided to the public by media reporting, often through their own painstaking research. If an issue gained attention, several perspectives might compete to inform and shape public opinion. It often took decades for issues to make the...
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“We don't tend to have that here”: exploring child and adult relationships to trans-contextual objects in early childhood education institutions

The project reported in this chapter examined the subject of sustainable consumption from the perspective of early childhood educators and young children. This chapter focuses on the meaning of trans-contextual objects, that is, objects that pass between homes and sites of early education either materially...
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Mixed messages: public communication about higher education and non-traditional students in Australia

Australian Government participation targets recommended in the Review of Australian Higher Education (Bradley In Review of Australian higher education: Final report, Commonwealth of Australia 2008) presented a complex public communication challenge to higher education participation. This research discusses the content of communication messages about Australian...