Harry Savelsberg


The impact of mutual obligation policies on, unemployed young people, community organisations, and the wider community

The Commonwealth government has progressively implemented a major shift in social policies towards the unemployed, utilising a re-configured ideology of community. Changes have included a streamlining of service delivery (via Centrelink), quasi-marketisation of community organisations, and re-defining of the roles, entitlements and obligations of recipients...
Journal article

Sanctioning policies - Australian, American and British cross-national reflections and comparisons

Over the last two decades welfare policies have undergone major reforms in Anglo-Western nations such as the U.S., U.K. and Australia. Central to these reforms have been the revision of welfare recipient entitlements and responsibilities and the emergence of a responsibility and obligations agenda. The...
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How are young people's experiences of 'home' affecting their engagement with schooling and community?

Little consideration has been given to the influence of housing tenure on young people's developmental pathways. This paper draws on empirical findings from research conducted in the northern suburbs of Adelaide in 2009 to highlight how secure and quality housing tenure, when combined with familial...