Daniel Wild


Mass migration induced housing shortage

This research report estimates the shortfall in housing supply as a result of the expected increase to migration announced by the Australian government.

Liddell the line in the sand

With the recent closure of Liddell Power Station, the electricity system is on a knife’s edge. The authors of this paper argue that energy security has been given insufficient attention by energy policy-makers.

Queensland's green tape crisis: an analysis of the growth of Queensland's environmental bureaucracy and agricultural sector

This report estimates the size and growth of Queensland’s environmental bureaucracy since the year 2000, and compares it against the size and growth of Queensland’s agricultural sector.

Victoria on the edge: debt, deficits and unsustainable growth

The Australian economy faces the greatest series of financial risks in decades, as the odds of a global recession continue to increase. The authors of this report argue that the Victorian economy is particularly vulnerable to the economic shocks that are coming its way, because...

Hard lessons: reckoning the economic, social, and humanitarian costs of zero-Covid

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Australia imposed some of the strictest measures in the western world. The restrictions dramatically changed every aspect of society and human dynamics and engagement. This report evaluates the harm caused as a direct result of COVID-19 restrictions.