Franziska Mey

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Energy cooperatives – the success story needs a new dynamic

Energy cooperatives, in which citizens volunteer their time, have become a symbol for a citizen-led energy change. However, new energy cooperatives find it difficult to establish because they are at a disadvantage compared to large suppliers since Renewable Energy Sources Act amendment. New business models...
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Who owns an energy transition? Strategic action fields and community wind energy in Denmark

This paper investigates the development of, and changes in, the field of community renewable energy in Denmark since it commenced in the late 1970s. The focus is on community wind projects.
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Can local government play a greater role for community renewable energy? A case study from Australia

Despite unsupportive political conditions for renewable energy (RE) in Australia, a new movement is emerging. About 70 Australian community groups have started to embrace the concept of community renewable energy (CRE) and develop their own projects. However, faced with a complex institutional environment and the...
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Community renewable energy at a crossroads: a think piece on degrowth, technology, and the democratization of the German energy system

Highlights Degrowth, technology, and democracy in Community Renewable Energy are discussed. Six hypotheses on the German energy transition are developed. Convivial technology is not used in Community Renewable Energy in Germany. Green consumerism might dominate Community Renewable Energy in the future. Abstract

Citizen energy in Australia: New hope despite lack of political support

At the New South Wales State government's annual Green Globe Awards, the Sustainability Award for Innovative Projects was presented in October 2015 to three citizens' energy projects. In the Climate Change Leadership category, the Tathra Community Solar Farm was awarded the prize. This is a...