Mia M. Rahim

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The collective bargaining authorization provision for small and medium sized enterprises in the australian competition law: serving or distorting a public benefit?

This article examines the collective bargaining provisions for SMEs in competition law in Australia. It concludes that SMEs’ use of the collective bargaining notification process has been relatively small and does not have any impact over the competition regulation in the market. While this provision...
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Convergence of corporate social responsibility and corporate governance in weak economies: the case of Bangladesh

The convergence of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and corporate governance (CG) has changed the corporate accountability mechanism. This has developed a socially responsible ‘corporate self-regulation’, a synthesis of governance and responsibility in the companies of strong economies. However, unlike in the strong economies, this convergence...
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Improving social responsibility in ready-made garments industries through a new governance approach in laws

Developing countries need to reform legislation to ensure the global supply firms in ready-made garment (RMG) industry is adequately addressing obligations of social responsibility. Literature typically focuses on strategies for raising responsible standards in global buying firms within the RMG industry, but fails to focus...
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Regulating global shipping corporations' accountability for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the seas

Up until the recent oil and commodity price crash in 2015, there has been exponential growth in global shipping and trade, and this increase means that prompt action is required to reduce vessel-sourced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Future projections suggest that maritime CO2 emissions will...
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Country-by-country reporting: an assessment of its objective and scope

Australia has recently introduced what is known as country-by-country (CbC) reporting. CbC reporting will require certain multinationals to provide reports to the Australian Tax Office outlining their global financial activities. The introduction of CbC reporting is a result of the OECD’s recommendations on Action 13...
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