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John Mendoza on the Productivity Commission mental health review

The federal government has announced the Productivity Commission will review mental health in Australia and advise the best ways to support and improve national mental wellbeing.

China to roll out controversial 'social credit' system

Ever wondered why it's important to recognise the Chinese totalitarian system for what it is? This story explains why.
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Social media companies need more mature, respectful data policies: Alastair MacGibbon

Chances are you or your partner, kids or friends have a Facebook account. So how safe is your information, following the recent revelations about Cambridge Analytica?
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'Four pillars' banking policy is 'ad hoc, redundant' Productivity Commission warns

The Productivity Commission has questioned the effectiveness of the decades-old 'four pillars' banking policy, describing it as 'ad hoc' and 'redundant'. A draft report into competition in the financial system also says the banking regulator APRA's recent 'blunt intervention' in reining in the hot investor...
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Making Australia the world's healthiest country: Bill Ferris

The chairman of Innovation and Science Australia, Bill Ferris, says Australia should set itself a task to become the healthiest country on the planet. In doing so, he says it will also become one of the most innovative nations. The recommendation comes in a report...