Kristy Hess

Kristy Hess is a leader of research into local media at Deakin University, Australia. She is also interested in the relationship between media and society especially civic connections, sense of place and social capital through a lens of media power. Her research has focused on conceptualising local media in a digital world, public shaming and people's everyday practices around media.
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ABC restructure good for regions, but we now need to understand more about the media terrain

The ABC’s decision this week to reinvigorate regional journalism is a positive step. The challenge now is to embed journalists where they are needed most. This will be no easy feat for city-based ABC managers trying to navigate regional and rural Australia’s changing, uneven and...

Regions at the pointy end of media reform

Kristy Hess and Lisa Waller argue that media reform is a chance for Australia to move on from archaic laws drafted “in an analogue world” to create a media monopoly board that is set for the digital era. Read the full article on The Conversation.
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'The Snowtown we know and love': Small newspapers and heinous crimes

This paper examines the role of small newspapers in Australia when bizarre and shocking crimes are committed locally. These crimes often attract intense media attention that casts a net of shame across entire townships through their representation as places of fascination and fear in the...