Safirotu Khoir

Journal article

Everyday information behaviour of Asian immigrants in South Australia: a mixed-methods exploration

This paper investigates the everyday information behaviour of Asian immigrants, including their information needs, information seeking behaviour, information grounds and information sharing, as well as how these relate to their settlement experiences in South Australia.
Journal article

Linking everyday information behaviour and Asian immigrant settlement processes: towards a conceptual framework

International migration is a worldwide phenomenon. However, the process of immigrants' settlement is still considered an under-researched area from an information perspective. Navigating information throughout the settlement process is considered challenging but critical for immigrants. The uptake of information is deemed significant to both the...
Journal article

Information sharing in community associations: Asian immigrants' experiences

Dealing with information in a new land is considered challenging for immigrants. Their adaptation process, including how to seek and share information, usually requires supports from several sources, including various social and community associations. This paper discusses immigrants' information sharing practices within community groups during...
Conference paper

Study of Asian immigrants' information behaviour in South Australia: preliminary results

The study reported in this paper is part of an ongoing research project examining Asian immigrants' information behaviour in South Australia. Involving eight Asian participants, the pilot study was conducted from March to April 2013. The study used questionnaires, photovoice, and interviews to collect data...