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Kathleen Blair

Research Summary

What risk factors are associated with being placed in out-of-home care?

This Evidence to Action Note presents summary results from two state-wide surveys conducted in 2018 by the NSW Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ) (formerly Family and Community Services or FACS).
Briefing paper

The early development outcomes of NSW children: results from the Australian Early Development Census

This FACSIAR Evidence to Action Note reports the latest findings on how NSW children have been tracking in the Australian Early Development Census (AEDC).
Briefing paper

How should we measure wellbeing across the life cycle? An Evidence Check

This FACSIAR Evidence to Action Note identifies evidence-based indicators that could be used to measure wellbeing across the seven domains of the NSW Human Services Outcomes Framework.
Research Summary

How can we support people in social housing to gain and maintain employment? An Evidence Check

This FACSIAR Evidence to Action Note identifies the best ways to support social housing tenants gain and maintain employment.

Challenging Racism Project: 2015-16 national survey report

This project measured the extent and variation of racist attitudes and experiences in Australia. It examines Australians attitudes to cultural diversity, discomfort/intolerance of specific groups, ideology of nation, perceptions of Anglo-Celtic cultural privilege, and belief in racialism, racial separatism and racial hierarchy. The project also...