New South Wales Auditor-General


Police responses to domestic and family violence

This audit assesses whether the NSW Police Force has effective systems, processes, resources and capability to respond to domestic and family violence events in New South Wales.

Support for regional town water infrastructure

The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (NSW) is the lead agency for water resource policy, regulation and planning in the state. This audit examined whether the department has effectively supported the planning for and funding of town water infrastructure in regional NSW.

Ensuring teaching quality in NSW public schools

The objective of this audit was to assess the effectiveness of the NSW Department of Education's and the NSW Education Standards Authority's arrangements to ensure teaching quality in NSW public schools.

Mental health service planning for Aboriginal people in New South Wales

This audit finds that NSW Health is not forming effective partnerships with Aboriginal communities to plan, design and deliver appropriate mental health services. There is limited evidence that NSW Health is using the knowledge and expertise of Aboriginal communities to guide how mental health care...

Domestic waste management in Campbelltown City Council and Fairfield City Council

This report finds that both councils collect and transport domestic kerbside waste effectively and process it at a low cost. The councils also effectively process waste placed in green-lid and yellow-lid bins, but neither council has been able to enforce their contracts for processing red-lid...