Thomas Wiedmann

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The Australian industrial ecology virtual laboratory and multi-scale assessment of buildings and construction

As global population and urbanization increase, so do the direct and indirect environmental impacts of construction around the world. Low-impact products, buildings, precincts and cities are needed to mitigate the effects of building construction and use. Analysis of embodied energy and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions...
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Global warming impact of suburbanization: the case of Sydney

Suburbs have naturally become a focal point of carbon mitigation for cities undergoing rapid suburbanization. This has created a debate over which urban form can more effectively lead to lower household carbon footprints (CF). Previous suburban-scale studies using economic input-output life cycle assessment with national...
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Cost and embodied carbon reductions in cutter soil mix walls through fibre reinforcement

Cutter soil mix (CSM) walls are created by mixing soils with cement and bentonite slurry to produce a soil–cement mix with modest tensile and compressive strengths. CSM walls may be stabilised using internal steel beams. Presented here are the results of a CSM wall field...
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Transnational city carbon footprint networks – exploring carbon links between Australian and Chinese cities

Highlights A trans-national, multi-region input-output analysis for cities is presented. The authors examine the carbon footprint network of ten cities. The balance of emissions embodied in trade discloses a hierarchy of responsibility. The authors model how emissions reductions spread through the city carbon networks. Implications...
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City carbon footprint networks

Progressive cities worldwide have demonstrated political leadership by initiating meaningful strategies and actions to tackle climate change. However, the lack of knowledge concerning embodied greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of cities has hampered effective mitigation. The authors analyse trans-boundary GHG emission transfers between five Australian cities...